Becker Professional Education
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View DetailsAuditUniversity of Mississippi - Students Only7/13/2020University of Mississippi - Main Campus7/22/2020Mon; Wed; Fri4:00 PM105
View DetailsAuditDallas7/18/20208/1/2020Sat 14
View DetailsAuditButler University FastPass - Students Only7/22/2020Butler University7/30/2020Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu8:30 AM25
View DetailsAuditPurdue University FastPass - Students Only7/24/2020Purdue University7/31/2020Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri 3
View DetailsRegulation Final ReviewSouthern Methodist University Final Review - Student Only7/26/2020Southern Methodist University7/26/2020Sun8:30 AM50
View DetailsBusinessUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte FastPass - Students Only7/27/2020University of North Carolina at Charlotte8/13/2020Mon; Thu10:30 AM58
View DetailsRegulationTemple University - MAcc Students Only8/3/2020Temple University8/13/2020Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu9:30 AM45
View DetailsAudit Final ReviewDallas - Final Review8/8/20208/8/2020Sat 11
View DetailsRegulation Final ReviewDallas - Final Review8/9/20208/9/2020Sun 35
View DetailsBusinessBethesda8/10/20208/26/2020Mon; Wed6:15 PM38
View DetailsRegulationLamar University8/18/20209/22/2020Tue; Thu5:35 PM100
View DetailsAuditUniversity of Southern California8/25/20209/10/2020Tue; Thu 32
View DetailsAuditNYC Seminar & Conference Center (Mon./Wed.)8/26/20209/16/2020Mon; Wed 32
View DetailsAuditChicago Loop8/26/20209/16/2020Mon; Wed 95
View DetailsAuditTysons Corner8/26/20209/16/2020Mon; Wed 19
View DetailsAuditUniversity of Houston - Main Campus8/29/20209/19/2020Sat 46
View DetailsFinancialDallas8/31/202010/5/2020Mon; Wed 43
View DetailsAuditBethesda9/5/20209/19/2020Sat 36
View DetailsAuditAtlanta - Courtyard Atlanta Windy Hill9/5/20209/19/2020Sat 30
View DetailsAuditNYC Seminar & Conference Center (Sun.)9/6/20209/20/2020Sun 35
View DetailsRegulationDallas9/12/202010/3/2020Sat 122
View DetailsFinancialBethesda9/14/202010/14/2020Mon; Wed6:15 PM33
View DetailsRegulationUniversity of Houston - Main Campus10/3/202010/24/2020Sat 50
View DetailsRegulationAtlanta - Courtyard Atlanta Windy Hill10/3/202010/24/2020Sat 31
View DetailsRegulationBethesda10/3/202010/24/2020Sat 34
View DetailsRegulationNYC Seminar & Conference Center (Sun.)10/4/202010/25/2020Sun 32
View DetailsRegulationNYC Seminar & Conference Center (Mon./Wed.)10/7/202011/2/2020Mon; Wed 37
View DetailsRegulationTysons Corner10/7/202011/2/2020Mon; Wed 37
View DetailsRegulationChicago Loop10/7/202011/2/2020Mon; Wed 17
View DetailsFinancialLamar University10/7/202011/23/2020Mon; Wed5:35 PM100
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