Academic Support Guidelines


What are the guidelines for using Academic Support?
Academic Support Guidelines
  • Academic Support will respond to each inquiry as quickly as possible. Our commitment is to respond with 48 business hours to any inquiry received. Any inquiry received after 5 pm Eastern Time on a Friday may not be answered until Tuesday of the following week. 
  • Once a response is received by a student any follow up questions must be done through Academic Support. Follow-up questions will not be answered over e-mail. Student must either update their case or create a new case with a reference to the original case.  
  • Academic Support is intended to assist with questions from our textbook and from our online course (Skills Practice, Multiple-Choice, Simulations, Unlimited Practice Tests and Simulated Exams). It is also intended to assist with questions from the Final Review Course. 
  • Academic Support is not intended to assist with hypothetical questions or to help with questions that are not in our materials. 
  • When submitting an Academic Support inquiry, student should provide page number or question number or specific reference of where to find the question. If an Academic Support inquiry is not submitted with enough details, student will be asked to re-submit the inquiry with more details. 
  • When submitting an Academic Support inquiry, student must provide as much information as possible. Inquires that state “Don’t understand” or “Please explain” are not sufficient and the student will be asked to submit a new Academic Support inquiry with more details. The expectation is that students will thoroughly read the detailed explanations and watch the Skills Master Videos (if applicable). Student should then provide enough information to help us understand what specific part they need help with. 
  • Academic Support is intended to help with a reasonable number of inquiries. If the amount of inquiries exceeds a reasonable amount, student may not receive a response within the 48 business hours. If the amount of inquiries becomes unreasonable, student may be referred to tutoring as an alternative to Academic Support.
  • At all times students must communicate with proper language and respect toward any Academic Support Expert. Using foul language or any other offensive language may result in suspension of responses from the Academic Support team.